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Manifold Solenoid Valve

In many automatic changeover manifold designs, the solenoid valve plays a critical role in the changeover
function.  In order for the manifold to retain a bank of compressed or liquefied gas in reserve, the solenoid valve must close and not leak.  When it is time for the reserve bank to become the service or bank in use, the solenoid valve must open.


Remote Locating of Transducers

As a Design Engineer, Hospital Facilities Engineer or Hospital Administrator you should be concerned about the installation location of the transducers for area alarm panels. Why? The long range cost and safety risk aspects of testing will be increased drastically if they are installed above the ceiling.

Medical Microbulk Gas Supply - Central Medical Gas Supply System

Pros and Cons of Liquid Vessels

NFPA 99 outlines three manifold design alternatives for Category I and II facilities. Two of the the manifold alternatives incorporated liquid vessels. The intent of this article is to point out the pros and cons of liquid vessels to help with your manifold decision making and trouble-shooting.