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DISS Medical Gas Wall Outlets

DISS medical gas outlets, Medical Oxygen Wall Outlets

Our DISS medical gas outlets incorporate several design features which make them superior to our competitor's outlet designs:

  • Frontall™ front-loaded feature - easy to service, saving time and money
  • Double O-ring seal between the front and back bodies support 10 lbs at 2 inches without leaking
  • Double O-ring seal may be replaced without having to shut down the gas service
  • Durable, protective, scratch resistant vinyl label
  • Brass secondary check poppet (not plastic)

Features of DISS Medical Gas Outlets

The Frontall™ DISS medical gas console, medical gasheadwall outlets, medical gas terminal units represent the most technically advanced means of providing medical gas connections to the central piping system. The outlets incorporate a unique front-loaded valve cartridge feature which makes our medical gas outlets easy to repair, saving valuable time and money for the health care facility.

  • ETL Listed to UL 1331 and CSA Z9170-1.
  • Conforms to NFPA 99 and CGA standards
  • Accepts DISS gas specific nut & nipple sets
  • Ease of maintenance without removing the faceplate using a cartridge insertion tool.
  • Pin indexed faceplate and back
  • Removable front assembly
  • All outlets are 100% tested for flow and leaks
  • 360° swivel inlet tube
  • 14 gauge metal back and nameplate
  • Provides support for dispensing equipment without the use of additional brackets
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Five year warranty

Downloads DISS Medical Gas Outlets Specification

Product Image Specification Sheets Installation/Operation Manual AUTOCAD DRAWING Flyer Regulatory Compliance
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Maintenance Drawings - 180 Degree
Maintenance Drawings - 90 Degree
Purge Kit
Ceiling Column U.L.
Surface Mount
Surgical Arm / Ambulance
Console / Headwall
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