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Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

Congratulations! You have found the best medical gas pipeline products in the industry! We come to work every day with the goal of "Improving Medical Gas Systems  through Innovation"

Ask any Facilities Engineer that has used our medgas products if they have: saved his staff time, improved safety and reduced costs. We're sure you'll like the answer. 

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Since 1989, our commitment has been to provide innovative exciting new products with features that provide added value in the forms of: time savings, increased safety, and reduced costs.

Some of the innovative features we’ve designed into our products are as follows:

Wireless master alarms drastically reduce the cost of installing low voltage wiring between source equipment and master alarm panels.  Mesh networking technology coupled with repeaters provide robust multiple lines of communication, flexibility (the ability to re-locate equipment) and scalability (the ability to easily add equipment).

Our E Z Backfeed E Z Feed™ and E Z Find™ med gas zone valve boxes and ball valves provide a safe, fast method for backfeeding medical gases without shutting down the gas supply or disrupting patients.

Genesys™ medgas manifold systems incorporate several innovative design features, which allow the manifold to be converted in the field (i.e. – from a lower flow rate to a higher flow rate or from a cylinder by cylinder use to a liquid by liquid use).  These design features reduce manifold system costs and make the units easy to service.

Integra area alarm/ zone valve boxes dramatically reduce; installation cost, required wall space, and long term testing costs while improving safety vs separate area alarm and zone valve box installations.

The Frontall medical gas outlets represent the most technically advanced means of providing medical gas connections to the central piping system.  The outlets incorporate a unique patented front-loaded feature which makes the Tri-Tech Medical outlets easy to service, saving time and money.

Our Hyperbaric Valve/Outlet Box and LU35 manifold provide reliable, high flow gas delivery, meeting the needs of the growing hyperbaric treatment market.

Our Sleep Lab Control Panels provide remote control of oxygen flow to patients without entering the patient sleep area.  This prevents possibly disturbing the patient and having to re-do the sleep study.

We offer an extensive line of medical gas outlet, alarm and nitrogen control panel .  conversion kits. There is no need to cut existing products out of the wall.  Leaking, obsolete, or discontinued products can be quickly upgraded with conversion kits at a significantly lower cost than replacing them with new construction products.