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Medical Gas Master Alarm Med Touch LCD Touchscreen by Tri Tech Medical

Tri-Tech Medical’s Med Touch MASTER alarm has been designed to provide exciting new technologies to meet the rapidly changing needs of the healthcare industry. The Med Touch alarm is made in the USA and is backed with a 5 year parts and 1yr labor warranty and is available in retrofit form for most older MASTER alarms. With a Tri-Tech Medical MASTER ALARM retrofit kit, most older master alarms may be upgraded with all of the newest technology options.

Zone Valve Alarm Combo INTEGRA

Zone Valve Alarm Combo INTEGRA

Medical Gas Backfeed and Alarm Transducer Solutions with EZ backfeed

If your facility backfeeds medical gasses through wall outlets located in patient rooms, or has alarm sensors in the ceiling, then Tri-tech Medical has solutions for you. The dual port EZ Backfeed product gives you the ability to locate your alarm sensors in the more easily accessible zone valve box.

Kit de Conversion Para Salidas de Gases Medicos SPANISH Medical Gas Conversion Kit

Kit de Conversion Para Salidas de Gases Medicos SPANISH Medical Gas Conversion Kit

Soluciones Backfeed Gas Medicos con EZ Backfeed

Medical Gas Outlet Repair Conversion Kit

Tri-Tech Medical offers a conversion kit for most popular medical gas outlets that lasts up to 5x longer than the OEM equipment. Tri-Tech conversion kit features brass components and a true double O-ring design that will support up to 10 lbs at 2" without leaking. Conversion also gives additional benefits.

Medical Gas Manifold Features Benefits

Genesys® digital fully automatic manifold systems lead the industry in; safety, reliability and innovative features. • Our systems utilize transducers instead of pressure switches providing improved safety, greater accuracy and repeatability, lower cost and easier push button adjustment of alarm set points. • Our exclusive 400 psig pressure differential rated solenoid valve has been tested at over 10,000 cycles and provides improved safety and reliability over competitors 150 psig rated solenoids. • Genesys manifolds are designed so they may be upgraded or converted in the field. As your facility grows, your gas and manifold needs can grow with your facility without the need to replace the manifold system.

Manifold De Gases Medicos Caracteristicas Y Beneficios

Genesys® nuestro automatico manifold digital es el lider en la industria en, seguridad, confiabilidad y innovadores caracteristicas. Nuestro manifold utiliza transductores en vez de interuptores que provee mejor seguridad, exactitud, y dependibilidad, y al mismo tienpo es mas economico y facil de ajustar con solo presionar unos botones para ajustar los puntos de las alarmas. Nuestra exclusiva valvula selenoide garantizada a un diferencial de presion de 400 psig ha sido probada hasta 10,000 ciclos y provee seguridad y confiabilidad mucho mejor que nuestros competidores quienes utilizan valvulas selenoides que solo son garantizadas a una presion de 150 psig. Genesys manifolds han sido disenado con la facilidad de ser ajustados y tambien para poder actualizar el manifold. Asi como sus instalaciones de salud medica crece tambien el manifold tiene la posibilidad de ser actualizado sin que sea cambiado.

Master Alarm Programming

Master Alarm Programming by Tri Tech Medical

Sistemas De Tuberias De Gas Medico Puntos De Venta Y Terminales

Medical gas outlet and terminal comparison of design features

Compares and contrasts Tri-Tech Medical outlet design features with competitors