Why Tri-Tech Medical Is Your Best Choice For Medical Gas Piping Systems?

Why Choose Tri-Tech?

Tri-Tech Medical is a customer service oriented industry leading manufacturer of innovative high quality medical gas piping systems. Since 1989, our commitment to providing innovative solutions for medical gas systems has led to the development of exciting new products with features that provide added value in the forms of: time savings, increased safety, and reduced costs.

New 5 year parts / 1 year labor warranty

Effective for shipments made 4/1/2015 and after, the Seller warrants the products described herein to be free from defects in material and workmanship for sixty (60) months from date of shipment with the exception of any components which are recommended to be replaced in less than sixty months in our Installation/Operation manuals.  Within said period Tri-Tech Medical Inc. will repair or replace any part or component which is proven to be defective in either material or workmanship.  Effective for shipments made 9/1/2015 & after, the seller warrants labor necessary to replace defective component (s) in accordance with seller re-imbursement program.” 

Frontall Medical Gas Outlets

The Frontall™ medical gas outlets and risers represent the most technically advanced means of providing medical gas connections to the medical gas piping system. The outlets incorporate a unique patented front-loaded feature which makes the Tri-Tech Medical outlets easy to service, saving time and money. We feel our outlets have at least three design features which make them superior to our competitor’s outlet designs.

Wireless master alarms drastically reduce the cost of installing low voltage wiring between source equipment and master alarm panels.  Mesh networking technology coupled with repeaters provide robust multiple lines of communication, flexibility (the ability to re-locate equipment) and scalability (the ability to easily add equipment).

  • The seal between the Tri-Tech Medical front assembly and back body is a double O – ring which does not deform and leak when weight is added to the outlet front. In addition, these O –rings may be serviced without removing the secondary check or shutting off the supply of gas. Our popular competitor’s outlet design incorporates a large barrel grommet which deforms and leaks when weight is added to the front of the outlet. It also requires shutting off the supply of gas and removal of the secondary check in order to service or replace the barrel grommet.
  • You will note in our literature that we state the Tri-Tech Medical outlet is capable of supporting 10 lbs @ 2” without leaking. This is because our design provides metal to metal support between the front and back bodies.
  • The Tri-Tech Medical outlet front incorporates a durable, protective, vinyl label. These labels are durable and scratch resistant.

Conversion Kits

We offer an extensive line of medical gas outlet conversion kits , medical gas alarm conversion kits and nitrogen control panel conversion kits. There is no need to cut existing outlets, alarms or nitrogen control panels out of the wall. Leaking, obsolete, or discontinued equipment can be quickly upgraded with conversion kits at a significantly lower cost than replacing them with new construction equipment.

Zone Valve Boxes

Our E Z Backfeed E Z Find™ zone valve boxes and ball valves provide a safe, fast method for backfeeding medical gases without shutting down the gas supply or disrupting patients and an easy to locate and test location for transducers.

Tri-Tech Medical Zone Valve Boxes incorporate dual ported valves and may be piped from left to right or right to left. Simplifying the installation and pipeline design – saving the contractor and the facility time and money.

Alarm Panels

Our Area , Master & Combination alarm panels are designed with state of the art technology for the utmost in safety and reliability. Area alarms with up to 14 gas modules and master alarms with up to 64 signal points save money and valuable wall space. In addition, all alarms and manifolds may be interfaced with our T-Net™ Medical Gas Information Management System.

Sleep Lab Control Panels

The Sleep Lab O2 Control Panels allow patient oxygen levels to be adjusted from the control room and eliminate the need to intrude into the patient room to adjust the oxygen flow rate, possibly disturbing the patients sleep.

Genesys Manifold Systems

Genesys® manifold systems lead the industry in reliability and innovative features: transducers instead of pressure switches, 400 psig pressure differential rated solenoid valve(s), easy to service 2D layouts with union fittings before and after all serviceable components, designed to allow the manifold to be converted in the field (i.e. – from a cylinder by cylinder use to a liquid by liquid use).

These design features; improve safety, reduce manifold system costs, make the units easy to service and provide the utmost in reliability. In addition, all alarms and manifolds may be interfaced with our T-Net™ Medical Gas Information Management System.

All Tri-Tech Medical cabinet style manifolds are fully automatic (no resetting of valves or levers needed).

All liquid manifold cabinets incorporate our exclusive Economizer Software which ensures that all of the liquid is used when the vessel is deemed empty.

By utilizing transducers instead of pressure switches, Tri-Tech Medical Gensys® manifold systems: improve safety (if a transducers fails an alarm is generated immediately, improve accuracy (transducers are ± 1% pressure switches are ± 5 – 10 %) and lower costs.

LU35 series manifolds provide up to 3,500 scfh and are specifically designed for applications such as: Hyperbaric chambers, emergency preparedness backup systems for bulk systems, where space is not sufficient for a bulk tank, and back-feeding during shut downs.

Our commitment to product quality,
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