Hyperbaric Products

Hyperbaric Manifolds

The LU35 Hyperbaric manifold provides up to 3,500 scfh (1,650 lpm) of oxygen from portable bulk vessels with state-of-the-art digital transducer technology. It has been specifically designed for applications such as: Hyperbaric Chambers, emergency preparedness back-up systems for bulk systems, where space is not sufficient for a bulk tank and back-feeding during shut-downs.

We have designed the perfect solution for connecting medical gas and vent lines to hyperbaric chamber installations the Hyperbaric Valve/Outlets/Vent Box.  The HCB Box is designed in a recessed box with single point plumbing connections for fast easy installation, a high flow (5,000 scfh / 2,360 lpm) oxygen outlet and with a professional cosmetic look to make your hyperbaric installation state-of-the art. 

Improving Medical Gas Systems Through Innovation

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