Introducing the Tri-Tech Medical Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds


The Genesys 2 CC Series Manifold by Tri-Tech Medical is at the forefront of medical gas pipeline technology, offering innovative features and superior reliability for healthcare facilities. This comprehensive blog post will highlight the key features of the Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds and provide essential information on proper installation and maintenance for dealers, installers, and healthcare facility engineers.

Key Features and Benefits

The Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds are designed to ensure safety, efficiency, and ease of use. Here are some standout features:

  1. Automatic Changeover: The manifold automatically switches between gas sources without manual intervention, enhancing operational efficiency.
  2. Advanced Monitoring System: Integrated with Tri-Tech Medical’s T-Net system, it provides real-time monitoring and alerts, improving safety and operational oversight.
  3. Field Upgradeable Design: The modular design allows easy upgrades, adapting to changing facility needs without extensive downtime or cost.
  4. High/Low Line Pressure Alarms: Conveniently adjustable alarms help maintain optimal pressure levels, ensuring a constant and safe gas supply.
  5. LED Display and Microprocessor Control: The user-friendly control panel features LEDs and an illuminated text display that remains visible even in low light conditions.
  6. Accurate Pressure Transducers: Long-life transducers offer precise monitoring of line and bank pressures and an automatic alarm system in case of transducer failure.
  7. Emergency Features: Built-in gas-specific emergency feed ports and reserve bank ports provide additional safety and reliability.
  8. Versatile Installation Options: Available in weatherproof cabinets for outdoor installations, the manifold can be tailored to meet various space and environmental requirements.
Tri-Tech Medical Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds

Installation Instructions

Proper installation ensures the Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds operate effectively and safely. Follow these steps for a successful setup:

Mounting the Control Cabinet:

    • Determine the vertical center line for installation and mark it.
    • If cylinders are placed under the manifold, mount the Z bracket 79 inches above the floor. If not, mount it 58.5 inches above the floor.
    • Attach the manifold cabinet to the Z bracket and secure it with appropriate fasteners.

Header Installation:

    • Attach headers to the manifold cabinet and ensure they are level.
    • Secure the headers using U-bolt assemblies, positioning brackets close to the last cylinder for stability.


    • Connect the manifold outlet to the facility’s gas system using a 1/2″ NPT female connection.
    • Install intermediate relief piping and unions for all relief valves.

Electrical Connections:

    • Route conduit to supply 120 VAC power to the manifold.
    • Separate conduits should be used for high and low-voltage wires.
    • Connect remote alarm wires to the circuit board at the designated terminals.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regular maintenance is essential to maintain the Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds optimally. Here are critical maintenance tasks and troubleshooting tips:

Cylinder Replacement:

    • Close cylinder valves and replace depleted cylinders following safety protocols.
    • Secure new cylinders and check all connections for leaks using an oxygen-safe leak test solution.

Pressure Adjustments:

    • Adjust the delivery pressure by turning the T-bar handle on the line regulators. Alternate the regulators every month to ensure even wear.

Programming Adjustments:

    • Using the control panel, modify settings such as pressure set points and units of measure. Ensure all changes are saved correctly.

Error and Alarm Codes:

    • Familiarize yourself with standard error and alarm codes (e.g., sensor out of range, high line pressure) to quickly diagnose and address issues.

By following these guidelines, dealers, installers, and healthcare facility engineers can ensure that the Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds operate efficiently and safely, providing reliable medical gas delivery in any healthcare setting. For further assistance, refer to the detailed manual or contact Tri-Tech Medical support.

For more detailed information and technical support, visit Tri-Tech Medical’s website or email their sales team at


The Genesys 2 CC Series Manifolds from Tri-Tech Medical offers advanced features and reliable performance essential for modern healthcare facilities. Proper installation and regular maintenance are vital to ensuring their optimal operation. Stay informed and keep your systems running smoothly with Tri-Tech Medical’s innovative solutions.

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