Medical Gas Pipeline Secondary Products

Medical gas pipeline secondary products are used in the distribution and delivery of medical gases, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air, within hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These products include a variety of components and devices that are used to distribute and control the flow of medical gases to different parts of the facility.

Some examples of medical gas pipeline secondary products include:

  1. Flowmeters: These devices measure the flow rate of medical gas, allowing caregivers to accurately control the amount of gas being delivered to a patient.
  2. Pressure regulators: These devices control the pressure of the medical gas as it is being delivered to a patient, ensuring that it is at the correct level for safe and effective use.
  3. Hoses and tubing: These products are used to connect the medical gas pipeline to various devices and outlets throughout the facility.

Medical gas pipeline secondary products are essential for ensuring the safe and efficient distribution and delivery of medical gases to patients and caregivers in healthcare facilities.

Oxygen Flowmeter - Tri-Tech Medical Inc.

Tri-Tech flowmeters are designed for dependability and durability. Each flowmeter incorporates a carefully engineered needle valve assembly to insure superior flow accuracy, a durable brass body and a polycarbonate housing.

Tri-Tech Medical Inc. continuous suction regulators provide superior suction control. Tri-Tech continuous suction regulators are provided with 0-300 mm Hg range and 0-760 mm Hg range, and include built-in 2-1/2″ diameter analog vacuum gauge and quick switch for different vacuum requirements. Tri-Tech Vacuum Safety Traps, Reusable Suction Bottle and Cap Assemblies, and a variety of inlet and outlet connections are available.

Male and Female Quick Connect Probe adapters, DISS male and female probe adapters, probe adapter assemblies, hose assemblies built to fit your exact requirements, and Tri-Tech’s very own hose retractors. Let Tri-Tech Medical Inc. provide you with every medical gas secondary product that you need.  

Improving Medical Gas Systems Through Innovation

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