Med Gas Check List

  • This check list is intended to be a tool to get you started in the planning process for your medical gas piping system.
  • After submitting information on the scope of your medgas system, we will furnish you with a list of medgas equipment required to meet the NFPA 99 code. Follow up questions may be required so contact information is important.
  • This check list is easily filled out even if you know little about medical gas piping systems. You will be prompted to do a mouse click to provide information.
  • If after getting started you have a question, we encourage you to contact us at 800-253-8692.
  • There are four separate design categories in the NFPA 99 code; at some point you will be asked to select one. The categories can be found in Chapter 4 of the 2012 issue of NFPA 99.

Improving Medical Gas Systems Through Innovation

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